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Welcome to the Gallery cafe

A family run Cafe Bar in Honley,  serving quality home cooked breakfasts, lunches, light snacks and deserts

Available for private hire, meetings and parties.


We are open with a choice of indoor or out door dinning


About us

Welcome to The Gallery Cafe, a family run buisness in a lovely grade 2 listed  building.
We are a child and dog friendly cafe situated in the village of Honley in West yorkshire.

Why not treat yourself to one of our scrumptious afternoon teas? Be sure to pre-book so you do not miss out! 
Or ask us about our specials!!!

Phone us for more information. 

We offer a range of Gluten free options, burgers, panin's and toasties as well as delicious cakes and Waffles.

Our sausages and burgers are supplied from Haigh butchers, Meltham.



Served until 2pm

 The Great British Breakfast Burger  £10

6oz burger, with 2 hash browns, bacon & a fried egg served in a toasted gourmet burger bun with a side of beans

The Gallery Breakfast £10

Butchers Sausage, bacon, Black Pudding, Hash Brown, Mushrooms, Fried Egg, Beans & Toast

The Large Gallery Breakfast £13

2 butchers sausages, 2 back bacon,2 hash browns, mushrooms, black pudding, beans, an egg and toast


Veggie Breakfast £9.50

Grilled Halloumi, 2 Eggs, 2 hash browns, Grilled Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Toast

Childs breakfast (under 12's only) £6

Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled Egg, Beans and toast 

Yankee Doodle Breakfast £10

2 American Style Pancakes, Streaky Bacon, Scrambled egg & Maple syrup

Amy's Breakfast £8

Three American pancakes with streaky smoked bacon and maple sauce

Breakfast Waffle £10

Freshley made waffle with scrambled eggs streaky bacon and maple syrup

Breakfast sandwiches:

 served on a white T-cake

Baccon  £5.50 (GF available)

Sausage Sandwich £5.50

Bacon & Sausage £6.50

Double Fried Egg sandwich. £5

Extras: Egg £1, Beans 60p, mushrooms £1,

Hash brown £1, Sausage £1.20, bacon £1.20

Light Snacks

2 Toast served with butter and jam £2.75

Toasted currant T-cake  with butter & jam £3

Beans on toast £5

Chip Butty £4.50

Cheesie chips £4.00

portion of chips £3.50

Halloumi Fries served with a side salad and sweet chilli sauce  £4


Pancakes & Fruit £8

3 American Style Pancakes, sliced fresh fruit and maple syrup

3 American buttermilk pancakes with:

maple syrup                                           £5

Blueberries & maple syrup                 £6.50

Nutella & Bananas                                 £6

Nutella & strawberries                          £6

Biscotti & banana                                    £8

Classic Sandwiches and Gallery specialities

The Classics   £8

Choose from a Romana flatbread or white or brown bloomer



Ham salad: roast ham, leaves, tomatoes, cucmber and onion 

Tuna mayo & red onion; Tuna mayonaise and red onion 

Brie & Cranberry  creamy french brie & whole cranberry sauce 

                    Gallery Speciality  £8.50

Choose from a Romana flatbread or white or brown bloomer                                                    bread 

HLT: grilled Halloumi,  tomato, lettuce and sweet chili sauce

Bacon Brie and cranberry: creamy french brie , smoked streaky bacon and whole cranberry sauce. 

Goats cheese: Grilled goats cheese, red onion chutney and leaves

BLT: Bacon,lettuce, tomato amd mayonaise

The Italiano: mozzarella, tomato, pesto and leaves

All sandwiches come with a side salad, home made coleslaw and hand cut crisps

Paninis and Toasties    


Available on Panini, white or granary bloomer bread

(Gluten free panini or toastie available, add 50p)                                     


Brie & Cranberry, creamy french brie & whole cranberry sauce £8

Ham & Cheese, Deli ham with mozzarella and chedder cheese £8

Bacon, Brie & Cranberry, creamy french brie, streaky smoked bacon and whole cranberry sauce £8.50

Tuna Melt, Tuna mayoniase with mozzarella and chedder cheese £8

Goats Cheese goats cheese with a red onion marmalade £8.50

All paninis  and toasties come with a side salad, home made coleslaw and  hand cut crisps.

                         Add a portion of chips for £1.50

Home Made soup of the day £5.50 (seasonal)

served with Granary or white bloomer bread

                    Salads  £10

A mixed leaf salad with cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, red onions and olives topped with your choice of either:

Grilled Halloumi with a sweet chilli sauce dip

Grilled Goats cheese 

Tuna mayonaise

or 3 slices of our thick sliced gammon ham.



*The Gallery Burger £9  (GF available)

*Gallery Cheese Burger £10 (GF available)

* Gallery Bacon and cheese burger £11 (GF avilable)

 * All our Gallery burgers are 60z beef burgers and come with lettuce and tomato

Goats cheese Burger £12 (GF available)

6 ounce beef bufger topped with grilled goats cheese and red onion chutney

Halloumi Burger  (GF available) £9

Grilled Halloumi with sweet chilli sauce, tomato & lettuce on a toasted gourmet burger bun


 *Chicken Burger £9

*Chicken burger with cheese £10

*Chicken, bacon and cheese burger £11

All our southern fried chicken burgers come with lettuce and tomato


The Kentucky Burger £12

Southern Fried Chicken Burger, 2 hashbrowns, streaky bacon, topped with cheese,

BBQ sauce, lettuce & tomato served on a toasted gourmet burger bun.


The Texan Burger £12

6 Ounce Beefburger topped with cheese, streaky bacon, bbq sauce & onion rings!


The Frenchie Burger  (GF available) £12

6 Ounce Beefburger, topped with Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Sauce

New York Tower Burger £16

6 ounce Beef Burger, Southern Fried Chicken Burger, 2 hash browns, cheese, streaky bacon, onion rings, lettuce, tomato with burger sauce


Children's Menu  (under 12's only) £5

All Served with a fruit shoot or fruit juice


Chicken nuggets, chips and beans          

Fishfingers, chips and beans               


Childs toastie with side salad

Child's Picnic: Sandwich, crisps, Fromage Frais, Fruit and drink 

Mini moo Burger (3oz burger) with or without cheese, served with fries and a kids drink £5.00



Made with YORVALE ice cream

Millionaire's Sundae £6

Chopped Millionaire's Slice, Vanilla Ice cream & Chocolate Sauce

 topped with cream, chocolate sauce & a flake

Brownie Sundae £6

Vanilla Ice cream with chopped brownie chunks, fresh strawberries,

 chocolate sauce, cream & a flake

Sweetie Sundae £6

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice cream with mini smarties, gummy bears & marshmallows, 

topped with whipped cream and a flake

After Midnight £6

After eight chocolates mingled into Mint Choc Ice Cream

Topped with Cream, Chocolate Sauce & a flake

Banana Split £6

Fresh Banana with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry ice cream, 

topped with cream, chocolate sauce & a cherry on top.



Mars Asalt (GF) £9

Freshly made waffel with chopped Mars Bar, Salted Caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Nutella & Strawberry (GF) £9

Freshly Made waffle smothered in warm nutella

Topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream


Banoffee Waffle (GF) £9

Freshly Made Waffle with toffee sauce, sliced banana

and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The Biscotti One £9

freshly made waffle with biscoff spread, topped with biscotti biscuit, white chocolate and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Maple Waffle (GF) £8

Freshly Made Waffle topped with warm maple syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

The Fruity one (GF) £9

sliced banana, strawberries and blueberries with maple syrup or cream.



Hot drinks


A Pot of Yorkshire Tea   £2.50

(decaf available)

Herbal Teas   £2.60

 peppermint,  Green Tea, Lemon & Ginger, Red Berry mix, Chamomile tea, Earl Grey, Roobious (redbush)

                                     10oz                                 14oz

Americano                 £2.80                             £3.30


Cappucino                 £3.20                               £3.70

Latte                           £3.20                               £3.70

Mocha                        £3.70                               £4.20  

Flat White                 £3.20                          

Double Espresso     £2.50

Flavoured Latte      £3.80                                  £4.30  

(Caramel/Vanilla/Hazelnut/Gingerbread/Salted Caramel)

(Decaffe available on all coffee's) 


Hot Chocolate          £3.20                              £3.70

Luxury Hot Chocolate  £3 .80                      £4.30

Kids  Luxuary hot chocolate  £2.50

Babychino £1.50

Chai Latte:

Spiced                         £3.20                           £3.70

Dirty                            £3.70                          £4.20       

 (shot of expresso added)

Chocolate                £3..70                          £4.20

Soft drinks


Soft Drinks  from £2.30

(bottled, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Fanta Lemon, Diet Coke)

Appletiser £2.50

Apple/orange juice £2.30

Fruit shoots and cartons 90p

Glass of milk £1.50

sparkling water £1.40



Milkshakes Topped with cream;

Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate £3.00


Oreo Cookie & Ice Cream Milkshake £4.50


Kinder Bueno & Ice Cream Milkshake £4.50


Malteser & Ice Cream Milkshake £4.50

Contact us

1-2 Lupton sqaure



Tel:  01484 666 144


Monday- Saturday  9:00AM - 3:00PM

Sunday Closed

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